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CareAbout’s main goal to provide aged care services clarity to customers.

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Care About connects you instantly with Australia’s largest aged care provider network.

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Why Care About?

CareAbout seeks to reinvent the way consumers and providers interact in the aged and disability care markets.

We give confidence and better outcomes for families and consumers by providing a leading, on-demand and professional service which navigates the complexities of the aged and disability markets.

We provide the best channel to market for our partners through a high quality, trusted, cost efficient and success-based model.

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Home Safety 101

As we get older the risk of having an accident at home gets greater. In fact, in Australia, forty per cent of hospital admissions of people over 65 years of age are due to falls or other accidents in the home. Sadly the most common response from family members when these accidents happen is: “I was afraid something like this [...]